Patrick Ruane

Compositeur / SD
Patrick Ruane,
has been an active contributor in the music production & corporate side of the Music & Film industry since the early 90s. Moving from Record Producer, Recording Artist, Artist Manager to Label Manager to Label Founder, to A&R Director, Music Supervisor,  Sound Designer, Video Producer, in commercials, music, Film, Tv, and Radio. previous positions at, Media 2 Radio, first recordings, Kandie Management, Harambe Management, Head of audio A&R Graffiti Kings Radio, Head of Production at Graffiti Kings, Head of A&R for Britrox. Co Head of sound department at Griot Pictures, HOD Sound Department Sysan Productions.
Patrick is still currently on the Independent committee at the BPI and throughout the last 26 years he has maintained his core involvement in Audio & Music production.  

Patrick is well established in the Music industry & audio production industry working with audio production houses, in commercials, music,TV, Film and Radio. He holds a Master in Audio Productions from the Westminster University.

Based in London, for Aube Production and SILMEA, he brings all his experience in music and Sound Design, is co-composing tracks with Clement Ignace, and will be dealing with the english versions of our Silms.